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Learn2Hustle is an exclusive community where members receive expert advice, tools and resources each month to create financial freedom.

The Learn2Hustle process was invented by award-winning realtor and entrepreneur Jerry Morales who believes anyone can create their own financial freedom with the right blueprint.

Whether it’s perfecting a current skill or mastering a new one, generating passive or full-time income, Learn2Hustle adapts wherever you’re at in the process.

How it Works

Exclusive, specialty-focused content for entrepreneurs.

Getting started is easy.

Step 1: Pick your hustle. MORE COMING SOON.

Step 2: Join Learn2Hustle and receive your first playbook.

Step 3: Follow Jerry’s step-by-step process starting day one.

What Our Customers Say

Jerry has the incredible ability to distill highly complex subjects into simple, bite-size pieces. I think this is why so many people enjoy working with him. His hustles WORK. He’s the real deal.


After being frustrated trying other ways to make money, I discovered Jerry’s process. He literally shows you exactly what to do. I tend to overthink things, but Jerry lays it all out so I just have to follow the steps and commit to this amazing process. THANK YOU, JERRY!


I wanted to create some passive income but had no idea where to start. I heard about Jerry’s process and his General Hustler track appealed to me right away. Making money leveraging talents I didn’t know I already possessed has been a huge eye-opener for me, not to mention a great way to make some extra cash. THANK YOU!!!


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Combine odd-jobs and part-time work to generate steady income.

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Become a Jack (or Jill) of-All-Trades. Designed for the everyday person who wants to make extra cash.

Get paid to write and grow your portfolio.

$50.00 monthly

COMING SOON! Tap your natural creativity to land solid and consistent writing jobs.

Build a profitable real estate career.

$99.00 monthly

COMING SOON! Learn how to remain competitive in real estate for years to come. For new and seasoned agents.

What’s Included

Each month you’ll receive a Hustler’s Playbook, a curated collection of resources, tools and insights from award-winning entrepreneur Jerry Morales. Each is jam-packed with content including:

  • Videos including tutorials and personalized messages from Jerry
  • Pre-written templates, emails and texts to communicate like a pro
  • Tips and tricks to save you time and generate REAL results

Just follow the step-by-step instructions Jerry lays out each month to quickly master your specialty area.


Meet Jerry Morales

Even if you fail today, you can rise tomorrow and win.

Jerry Morales is an award-winning entrepreneur who has generated success in all endeavors he has pursued. With a background in Freelance Writing, he has been featured in publications such as The Huffington Post and Business Insider. Jerry currently works as a Realtor in Los Angeles, CA. He has grown to become a leader in the industry through his sheer will, grit, and HUSTLE mindset.

COMING SOON! 4 Simple Steps to Hustling Your Way to Financial Freedom

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